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Membership in NAMI Delaware County PA is important whether or not you can attend meetings or be an active member.

Since we are an advocacy group for persons with mental illness, we frequently need to work with politicians in an effort to realize funding for programs that can benefit our people.  County, state and national legislators consider only official dues-paying members in determining the size and power of an organization.

Membership dues are:

  • Family membership: $60.00 a year (up to 4 household members)
  • Individual membership: $40.00 a year (constitutes one vote)
  • Open Door membership: $5.00 a year (limited income)
  • Professional/VIP membership: $60.00 a year
  • Organizational membership: $200.00 a year

Write checks or money orders payable to: NAMI Delaware County PA

Please print and complete the linked Membership Form NAMI Membership form and

Send check or money order and your membership information to:

NAMI Delaware County PA, P.O. Box 1224, Havertown, PA 19083

All dues and donations are income-tax deductible! Donations of any size are welcomed. If you don’t wish to be a member and do not wish mailings, or if you wish to be anonymous but would like mailings, either can be accommodated.

NOTE: Remember Delaware County residents, it’s best to send membership and/or donations directly to our chapter: P.O. Box 1224, Havertown, PA 19083. We will send your membership info. to the state and national.

Contact Information: Phone – 610-623-0071 and/or E-Mail –